Welcome to the Agape Community Centre Program

Agape Community Centre Program is the community Christian recognized organization situated in the Maddu-Gomba, Mpigi District central region of Uganda, where it has its headquarters, having its principle office in Kampala, capital city of Uganda. Agape Community Centre Program has stepped over the line and the decision has been made to bring love, joy and hope to the Ugandan communities that are around us with the demonstration of "Gods Love" Agape, to the multitudes.

What's Ahead of Us
There are many challenges and tribulations ahead of us, we need fervent prayers, a word of encouragement and devotions from someone like you (a family, ministry, or an organization) For a couple of years, the communities of Uganda have been devastated spiritually, socially, emotionally and economically. Through AIDS, through wars, famine and drought, poor sanitation and poor water supplies. Natural hazards like change of weather that leave people with a scourge of diseases i.e. cholera, bilharzias and malaria, and also AIDS that has left homes without parents and children without parents, hence then they are homeless and long term suffering of Rebel war.
Whereas, this is the same problem faced by people in the Northern region, because of long term war that has taken more than 20 years within the region, which has made the condition of the area unworthy for the living. It has affected much, leaving parents crying for their children’s lives and children crying for their parent’s lives.  -Read More

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  • The Paper-beads Project

    John Mary showing off the beads he made.

    The children at the Agape Community Centre Program in Kampala, Uganda roll each bead by hand from recycled paper. Aged between 5-12 making these beads to help raise funds for food, education and medical care at the centre. All profits from the sale of these items go directly to the projects that support the Agape Community Centre Program.  -Read More

  • All Winners Sports Academy

    One of our Community Outreach events

    All Winners Sports Academy at AGAPE reaches out to the community through sports.  -Read More

  • Village Outreach

    The Village Outreach Program

    Our partner works with a number of small community based organizations that provide counselling, care, and education for rural people and orphaned and underprivileged children. Some of these placements focus exclusively on teaching primary or secondary school. Others include both teaching and community outreach components.  -Read More